Showers Pass Hybrid Zip Off Test

OK, sure, I'm using the events page for a write up. BUT, we test most everything we sell, because that's our job, not yours - and I needed a place to put it.

I have been riding in the Showers Pass Hybrid Zip-off Pants every day since Saturday, and they were absolutely perfect with it being dry and hovering between the high 40's and low 50's. As full length pants, the felt just like a comfortable pair of slacks, and with the bottoms of the legs zipped off, they became the perfect knicker. However, yesterday afternoon's cold rain would be the perfect way to see what these really have to offer.

With a pair of bibs, wool socks and a base layer and jacket that have worked well for me in these conditions, it was up to the pants to do their part.

(remember to stay hydrated... even when it's cold)

The drizzle bounced off like a newly waxed car, and the thin insulation kept my legs warm the entire day. As the rain passed, the temperature dropped significantly, and while my hands were frozen, my legs and feet were as warm and dry as they could be. The small tabs and snaps on the calf portion of the pants allow me to "pin them tighter" around the tops of my shoes keeping the pant leg out of the chain as well as creating a tighter seal at the cuff. They felt like a nice pair of slacks from the time I put them on until they came off, and not once did I ever have to worry about being wet or cold, which is what you want in a winter garment.

This morning, with the temperature hanging in the mid 30's, they went right back on for the ride to work. Armed with no base layer on the legs, they still performed magnificently, keeping me warm and comfy for the 25 minute ride in.

So far, there is nothing about these pants I do not love, and they are much more comfortable and relaxed than the heavy rain pants I've been using for the last few years, by leaps and bounds. As I wouldn't put them on to the test in an absolute downpour where heavy weight touring type gear is required, they not only fill the need for a casual pant that performs well for any other type of weather, they look really good too.

If you are looking for that piece of clothing to allow you to get out on the bike more this winter without looking like you're getting ready for a stage race or a moon landing, these are perfect... and at $100 how can you go wrong?