Bern Helmet and Shimpagnolo

I've been testing the "Shimpagnolo" for more than two months now, and so far it has performed quite nicely. What is Shimpagnolo? Well, Shimano 8speed shifters pull 2.5mm of cable per shift, and so do Campagnolo 10speed. So you get Campy shifting with bombproof Shimano 8speed.

The current set up is Veloce shifters actuating a Record front derailleur as well as an XTR short cage rear. Set up took a little longer than usual, but wasn't bad, and once everything was dialed, it has worked well both on and off road.

I used the group for a few 'cross races and it was just nice. The mud had no effect on the shifting (though it froze the cables on the underside of the BB shell) and the Campy trim on the front derailleur was a joy.

The ease and reliability of Shimano 8speed, with Italian actuation: perfect.

Bern Watts Hard Hat with Brock Foam.

This helmet kicks ass. It vents well. Seriously. I've used it for hard rides all over town, a cyclocross race, and daily commuting. The visor is in just the right place to keep the sun out of your eyes without blocking the view when hunched over. With a cap underneath, it kept my head much warming than any over-vented race helmet and wicked sweat and breathed well enough to keep me from looking like I just got out of a pool.

I have used it only in cold conditions (sub 45degrees), but it will be my go-to helmet until the summer heat makes even going without a helmet unbearable.

I have not tested it in rain yet, but it seems quite promising... stay tuned.