Product Test: Sun Ringle EQ21L 29'er rim.

We're big fans of Sun Ringle rims. I have been riding the disc only versions on my super commuter for a few years, and with a rim braking surface on these (even though they are billed as a 29'er XC rim), we thought we'd take 'em to task on the cross bike.

I built a few of these rims up on Surly hubs for a few people, including Eliot - who has been riding the crap out of them on his fixie. When I trashed the previous wheel on my Cross Check, it just seemed right to do the same. Surly hubs, DT Swiss comp spokes, Sun EQ21L.




Bike Type:


Product Specs:

  • Size: 26″ 29″
  • Width: 21mm
  • Bead width: 21mm
  • Inner bead width: 16mm
  • Section Height: 16mm
  • 26″- 375g, 29er-420g
  • Sleeved or Welded
  • Disc or Rim
  • Hole Count: 24,28, 32
Sun Ringle rims have always built up well. The seams are welded and smoothed out so well, you would never feel the seam as the brake pad crosses it. I've been bashing these rims around the city for about two months, and they ride as solid as any deep V style I had used previously. At 420g, they are not to heavy and spin up quite quickly.

On the trail, they ride confidently and solid, tracking straight with very little flex - if any at all. The tension stayed well balanced after the typical break in period, as well as after a total scorpion crash where I broke two spokes on the same side (the wheel would not turn as it was jammed into the inside of the fork - 4 mile walk). Once I replaced the spokes and got the wheel round again, it was time for the real test.

The pics are from Hamilton Creek Mountain Bike Trail. I took the greenway to the trail, road the short loop (6ish miles), and pedaled back. Zero issues. Round. Straight. True.

As usual, Sun Ringle brings it. We give 'em 100%. in all honesty, you should be riding these on your cross bike.

visit Sun Ringle for more info.