Saturday Aug 27th - Fundriaser/Party/AlleyCat

We are having a party to help raise funds for Best Buddies.

It is going to be a pajama party. Pajamas. Be cool about it.

There will be a buddy alley cat race thanks to Dave T. You will need a buddy to ride with - two person teams.

Bring a few bucks, we are raising money. The goal is $1800, which is what they need to make the trip. We'll have more details as they come available.

There will be beer.

This is gunna be just dope.

From Alice:

"Josh and I got back from our THIRD Audi Best Buddies Challenge this past weekend (June 2 - 6) in Hyannis Port. We had the time of our lives and we can't wait to head to D.C. this fall for our FOURTH ride.

Best Buddies has touched and impacted both of our lives tremendously and we are ready to take the challenge up a notch and tackle the 100K in D.C. 100K is 62 MILES!! We'll be practicing hard until the ride!"